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AbiyeAfrica, a healthcare foundation founded in 2018 to advance the reproductive health of women in rural African communitiesjoins millions of peaceful protesters to kick against police brutality, unequal political representation, social and economic inequalities as well as poor governance in Nigeria. In particular, we are remorseful about great, promising and innocent souls whose dreams have been shattered by Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). While we greatly value human lives, our hearts are broken and will not forget several courageous falling heroes who lost their lives in the agitation for a better Nigeria in this trying period. We appreciate your undying and unconditional love. Your memories are forever in our hearts!

Knowing fully well that the peaceful protest has been hijacked by hoodlums, we do not underestimate the relative importance and concerted efforts at safeguarding the lives of the people in this challenging time. It is imperative that the joy of an appealing motherhood, a happy family and a great nation should not be jeopardised. We, therefore frown at the ravaging molestation of people, non-value for human lives and  incidences of violence ochestrated as a result of political instability and resentment against the leadership of the country. AbiyeAfrica sues for a peaceful dialogue between those concerned to find prompt and lasting solution to the looming doom. We greatly support good governance anchored on esteem value for human lives, accountabilty, equal participation, transparency, justice, fairness, respect for fundamental human rights and provision of social amenities.

Through research, advocacy, development and value for human life, AbiyeAfrica foundation is not relenting on her oars  to explore the dynamics of maternal health in rural communities and champion the course of reproductive rights and justice. By so doing, we mobilize solidarity action to challenge factors militating against reproductive justice, dehumanisation and the numerical depletion of human lives.

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