The “Operation Feed a Destitute in the Pandemic” initiative is a subsidiary mission of the Abiye Africa Foundation. The project was birthed with the utmost desire to reach out to vulnerable (beggars) in the pandemic. Without doubt, the throes of the Covid-19 has affected every inhabitant in one way or the other with each person adhering to strict safety measures so as to avoid a proliferation of tragedy and mortality.


However, the weak coping mechanisms of the vulnerable in moments of emergencies like this have saved them in no little way with resolute negligence and complacency in abiding to the safety measures. In this category include, children, pregnant women, elderly people, malnourished people, and beggars. With an inclusion of victims of natural disasters according to the WHO, the project was targeted at such disadvantaged people knowing fully well the overwhelming socio-economic inequalities that characterised the Nigerian society.

Executed on the 23rd of August, 2020 in Hausa Totowu community, Igando area of Lagos, the project enlightened the people on the pertinence of keeping safe during the pandemic with emphasis on how to prevent incidences of emergencies like Covid-19. The targeted pregnant women and nursing mothers were given consumables consisting of basic required provisions, face masks and toiletries.

In all, AbiyeAfrica Foundation reached out to approximately 50 pregnant women and nursing mothers. Each received consolations with ecstasy and expressed sincere gratitude for prioritizing them on that to reach out to them and their families.



Creative Head at Abiye Africa

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